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Key Regulatory Developments For Enterprise Customers

Business Communications Review –

The FCC moves slowly – here’s what to expect from decisions it has made and those that are pending.

Smart enterprise customers stay informed about significant developments in telecommunications regulation because regulation can affect the price, quality, and availability of both basic and state-of-the-art services. Savvy customers also know that what happens to carriers at the FCC, in the courts, and before Congress spills over to affect the marketplace. Customers who adjust their procurement strategies to account for regulatory changes are better prepared to weather the marketplace consequences of those regulatory changes.

What follows, therefore, is a high-level summary of the key decisions made by the FCC and the federal courts in 2004 that will affect the interests of enterprise customers. Overall, enterprise customers are likely to face heavy weather-in the form of fewer choices, higher prices, and lower service quality-as a result of those decisions. This is not because of direct rulings against customers, but because of rulings that are likely to further undermine the development of competition in the telecommunications industry.


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