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It’s a fragmented UCaaS world, so buyers beware

Fierce Enterprise Communications.

Marc Lindsey weighs in on best practices for accounting for reliability in UCaaS procurements.

Reliability is a factor too often overlooked by unified communications as service providers and buyers. Some providers may be lacking in redundancy, while others have the ability to failover to multiple data centers. A complete loss of UC could spell doom for many organizations.

“One way to deal with that is to read the fine print in the service-level agreement (SLA), as well as acquiring detailed performance information. Good advice from Marc Lindsey, a partner at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, a technology-focused law firm. As important, though, is checking out the various tiers of service from any given provider and ensuring the appropriate security management and measures are in place. Some of the security may come from third parties, so Lindsey encourages his clients to dig deep into their capabilities.

One problem, he noted, is a lack of transparency from many cloud providers. That’s something he hopes can change. And it’s a flaw that may keep many enterprises from adopting UCaaS options.”


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