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November 7, 2019 – New York City Conference

Join us for this one-day LB3/TC2 conference on strategies for staying ahead of the demand for network cost savings in your Network and IT Infrastructure deals.

The demand for cost savings and network budget reductions can be relentless.  This invitation-only event for large companies will focus on the key strategies that deliver continuous network infrastructure cost improvement.  

In a single day, we will share the leading sourcing and negotiation activities that will keep you ahead of the pricing curve, the emerging network technologies that drive cost reductions, the processes and tools that will keep your infrastructure costs optimized, and the contract terms and conditions you need to keep your vendors on the hook for delivering the deal you negotiated.

Please take a moment to review the content-rich agenda which will focus on popular topics such as SD-WAN, Cloud-Exchange and Internet Transport, global SIP, managing invoices and TEM best practices, IoT and next-gen wireless, ITaaS deals, and current and emerging market trends – plus an update on how the FCC’s recent actions will affect your bottom line.

Clients and friends of LB3 and TC2 will receive a special rate, and a discount for subsequent registrants.  We are limiting the number of attendees at this conference to enable discussion and networking.  No vendors will be present.

We hope to see you in New York City on November 7th.

Please contact us at with questions or if you would like to register.


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