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November 3, 2022 – New York City Conference

Join us for this one-day LB3/TC2 conference on strategies for maximizing value in your Network and IT Infrastructure deals in a volatile, post-pandemic economy.

The demand for cost savings and aggressive network/IT budget reductions as businesses return to more normal operations post-pandemic can be relentless.  This invitation-only event for large companies will focus on the key strategies that will improve your organization’s ability to effectively source network and IT goods and services in an uncertain economic environment.  

In a single day, we will share the leading sourcing and negotiation activities that will keep you ahead of the pricing curve, the emerging network technologies that drive cost reductions, the processes and tools that will keep your infrastructure costs optimized, and the contract terms and conditions you need to keep your vendors on the hook for delivering the deal you negotiated.

Our content-rich agenda focuses on popular topics such as UC/UCaas/CCaaS, SD-WAN led Internet First network strategies, Cloud and SaaS transactions, TEM best practices, negotiating hardware deals with OEMs, current and emerging market trends – plus much more.

Clients and friends of LB3 and TC2 will receive a special rate of $299, with a discounted rate of $249 for each organization’s subsequent registrants.  We are limiting the number of attendees at this conference to facilitate discussion and networking opportunities.  Breakfast, lunch, and network reception are included.  No vendors will be present.

We hope to see you in New York City on November 3rd.

Please contact us at with questions or if you would like to register.

New York City Conference 2022 Agenda
8:00Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:30 Welcome and Introduction
8:50Market Developments, Market View
The network services that you are buying, and the service providers that you are buying them from, are evolving and changing faster than ever.  New and non-traditional providers are offering compelling propositions for the latest technologies and services while the traditional incumbent vendors deploy defensive tactics to lock in your business.  In this first session of the day, we’ll provide our unique viewpoint on the current network services market, share the different vendor behaviors we’re seeing at the negotiation table and discuss how you should position your company for maximum flexibility.
9:35 Successful Procurement and Deployment of Unified Communications
The explosive growth of UC deployments shows no sign of slowing down. Understanding the key elements of UC, UCaaS, and CCaaS sourcings and contract negotiations will ensure your company maximizes the economic and technology value of the UC proposition.  
10:20 Break
10:40 Network Transport RFPs and Contract Negotiations in 2022
The landscape for traditional network RFPs has changed dramatically. Though enterprises continue to use and procure core legacy network connectivity, like MPLS, SD-WAN-led Internet First initiatives are now the biggest driver of transport procurements in 2022.    
11:25 Public Cloud
Public cloud services are now standard fare in most enterprises’ IT portfolios, but strategies for effectively sourcing, structuring and negotiating IaaS and SaaS transactions are not yet widely known. We’ll highlight key deal features and share practical guidance that will enable you to achieve the most competitive pricing and terms in your next cloud deal.
12:10 News from Washington, DC:  Regulatory Briefing
In this quick regulatory update, we will look at a few regulatory issues that affect how much you spend on network services and how you operate your network.  Universal Service Fund assessments on transport services continue to rise, hitting nearly 30% this quarter.  The FCC’s regulations imposing significant 911 obligations on enterprise customers affect how you deploy many new network technologies and raise new considerations for a hybrid workforce.  Rules to prevent robocalls may inadvertently be intercepting legitimate calls from your call centers to customers.  We’ll explain what enterprise customers need to know and do in the coming year.
12:30 Lunch
1:30TEM and IT Expense Management
Getting a handle on your telecom and IT expenses means getting a handle on your TEM and IT expense management tools and vendors. We will make sure you understand the basics of how to manage your TEM and scale that knowledge quickly to implement more effective financial management processes within your organization.
2:15 Outsourcing and Managed Services Deals
Most organizations today have some degree of outsourced or managed services support for their network, software, or IT infrastructure. For these arrangements to yield meaningful savings and efficiencies for your organization, they must be sourced through disciplined and structured procurement processes that accurately assess competing vendors’ offerings from a technological and financial perspective and are memorialized through robust contract terms.
3:00 Hardware Procurements and Negotiating with OEMs
Whether deploying CPE for your WAN or printers for your offices, the procurement of hardware from OEMs (directly or through a reseller) presents unique challenges, including how to create effective competition among technology providers, how to negotiate with an unrelenting OEM/manufacturer, and how to develop good business cases and contract documents to ensure you complete these procurements successfully.
3:45 Break
4:05 Wireless
The surge in remote work has led to a dramatic increase in the use of wireless services to conduct business.  With usage soaring and 5G looming on the horizon (but not yet ready for prime time, regardless of what you’ve heard), the wireless carriers have seized the opportunity to tighten the screws on their enterprise customers who are eager to adopt and deploy wireless technologies.  We will highlight the most important sourcing and contracting trends in enterprise wireless, and then pivot to a quick how-to tutorial on using those services efficiently, economically, and above all, legally.   
4:50 TC2’s and LB3’s Top Hacks for Better Network Sourcing Results
Over more years and deals than we like to admit, the TC2 and LB3 team have developed a variety of battle-hardened negotiation strategies and well-trod tactics for managing challenging vendors.  In this last session of the day, our team will share some of their top tips to help you maximize the results of your sourcing initiatives, cost reduction projects and deal negotiations. Attendees are welcome invite others to share their own war stories, negotiation successes, and examples of horrible vendor practices.
5:30Networking Reception
Join us for a drink, food, and some relaxed conversation.

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