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Current Issues with Internet and Wi-Fi for Hotels and Restaurants

Hospitality Law Conference, Houston, TX – 
Marc Lindsey.  

Hotels, restaurants, and other for-profit establishments that are open to the public can attract more customers and enhance the customer experience by offering wireless (i.e., Wi-Fi) Internet access to visitors (especially if it’s free); but the legal and business risks of doing so are not insubstantial. The presenter, Marc Lindsey, has advised some of the most prominent players in the hospitality business, as well as in other industrial sectors, in their procurement, installation, operation, and protection of their Internet services and Wi-Fi networks. Marc discussed the entire life cycle of a hotel’s or restaurant’s procurement, installation, and operation of a Wi-Fi Internet infrastructure and identify and offered recommendations regarding the major legal and commercial issues that arise during each phase. The discussion covered contracting terms and conditions, technical challenges, intellectual property infringement risk, DMCA safe harbor, and privacy. Marc is available to answer questions based on his many years of experience working in this area.

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