Facilitating Transfers and Sales of IPv4 Numbers and Protecting Legacy Internet Resources

IPv4 addresses are used to route most of the global Internet traffic. The supply of IPv4 numbers available from the American Registry for Internet Numbers ("ARIN") and the other regional Internet registries (the "RIRs") to assign and allocate to ISPs, cloud computing providers and other organizations is, effectively, drying up (referred to as “IPv4 exhaustion”). IPv4 numbers are, therefore, valuable assets.

Due in large part to the current shortage of IPv4 numbers and RIR-imposed limitations on allocations/assignments from their "free" pool, ISPs, cloud computing providers and other organizations that need to connect new customers or end points to the public Internet are using the secondary IPv4 trading or transfer markets to meet their business requirements - at least until IPv4 is replaced entirely by IPv6.

Buying and selling IP numbers requires marketplace participants to nimbly navigate rapidly changing Internet governance policies, marketplace norms and laws.

Our Experience

LB3 partner, Marc Lindsey, has been an active participant in the trading market for IPv4 numbers, and a leading advisor to sellers of IPv4 numbers from the earliest days of the market.  Through prior and current engagements with some of the largest and most sophisticated IPv4 number block holders, LB3 has developed and maintained thorough, deep and current knowledge of the marketplace for large number blocks.  Our experience advising large organizations in matters related to the protection and monetization of IPv4 assets is extensive. 

What We Do

Professionals in LB3’s IPv4 practice provide the full suite of legal, consulting and brokerage advisory services.  We help clients protect their Internet assets, structure and execute novel (and routine) transactions that optimize the value of their assets, and identify (and attract) suitable counterparties. 

We are unique in advising on all phases of IPv4 transactions, including due diligence and inventory assessments, strategy development, opportunity identification, deal brokerage, contract development and negotiations, facilitation of registration transfers, closings, post-closing support, and dispute workouts. 

Our clients frequently hire LB3 when transactional creativity is required or unusually large block sizes are involved. LB3 typically manages, on our clients’ behalf, over 20 million IPv4 numbers, with immediately available blocks ranging in size from /16s to /8s.

Our Approach

We take pride in serving as trusted advisors to our clients. When conducting our practice, we hold ourselves to core standards and principles that we believe differentiate us. These standards and principles do not limit or abridge our ethical and professional obligations as attorneys when we are engaged as legal counsel.

  • The interests of our clients are paramount.  
  • We will not represent opposing parties in the same transaction. We believe dual brokerage creates (or gives the appearance of) conflicts that strain an advisor’s loyalties.  
  • Honesty and integrity are critical to brokering and negotiating deals effectively.  
  • We preserve confidences.  
  • The quality of our work will meet the highest professional standards.


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